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  1. SoulShine Sessions

    Tampa, Florida in the house. Shout out from JAZZ1CAFE Internet Radio 🎵 Thanks for this sweet treat of melodies to brighten my Saturday.

  2. Since92Tv

    she ATE

  3. Adam Goldstein


  4. Adda Rizan Razali

    I know you will not skip but just gonna put this here Enjoy! 00:02 Dynamite 4:28 Save Me 8:40 Spring Day

  5. Jessica Maria J. Ferreira

    i'm in looooooveeeee <3

  6. Howitzer XO

    Keyboard dude in the pocket over there

  7. monica.

    this set didn’t age well hahahha

  8. S Stewart

    .5 Earthgang} lol

  9. Gaming Mom

    Okayy bass in the back. That voice real deep and sexy. Her music is everything The Band is Everything....Jabari

  10. Firey Flower


  11. S Stewart

    Benji’s got hella feel for that Bass line

  12. Luca Bonifazi

    You are Amazing. Mysticism and tradition. So meditative. Thank you so much for transporting me to another world much deeper than the one we live in.

  13. tanisha baker


  14. Marcelo Oliveros Caucao

    Thanks Max really nice...

  15. Diana Desta

    Oh My God, this brought tears to my eyes

  16. Mck Lovin

    I LOVE IT💗🥰🔥

  17. Raiff Araújo

    Greetings from Brasil, my friends!! Great music!!! FORA BOLSONARO!!!!! 👏🏾✊🏾

  18. Omarr Koroma


  19. none

    I recently knew your songs and it comforts me. Just wanna say thank you.

  20. Natashia

    I'm here again 💜 love this performance

  21. Anita M Jones

    So good. Her voice is like an aged Bourbon, so smooth, so rich and warms the soul.

  22. Tiffany C. Martínez

    trance is the perfect word. beautiful performance

  23. José Curiel

    Maravilhoso!! Placa da rua Marielle Franco emocionou os BR!!

  24. Nora Husic

    Such fiery music, yet such lame audience... Shame. Go girls!! Amazing group!

  25. Moises Bueno

    A melhor do mundo do rock

  26. Tony Electionfraud

    The dude in the back with the big smile reminds me of Deejay from Street Fighter

  27. Judith Brito

    She’s a legend

  28. Gaming Mom

    Smiling from ear to ear

  29. Salomé Matos

    Obsessed with "pretty please, " thanks , Dua.

  30. Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Love her so and John Leventhal's guitar is gorgeous.

  31. Annemarie Baird

    Stunning 💜

  32. Awillii

    Beautiful! I was hoping to hear Masterpiece (Mona Lisa). That’s my song!!

  33. Carlos Ramirez Fabian

    What about Organum tho

  34. Onda Sonora

    14:19 ☢️⛔🚫⚠️🔞

  35. norman garay

    wena el diskito petals for armor wena x16. Simmer, Teardrop, Leave It Alone, Cinnamon, Creepin´, Sudden Desire, Dead Horse, My Friend, Over Yet, Roses - Lotus - Violet - Iris, Why We Ever, Pure Love, Taken, Sugar On The Rim, Watch Me While I Bloom And Crystal Clear. x16.

  36. Luca Bonifazi

    The band is from Salento, Puglia. One of the most wonderful land of Italy.

  37. Víctor León Rey Guerrero

    parce, te juro que la nariz del man del teclado está pegada a sus gafas

  38. Patrice NZ

    Phenomenal artists playing the long game. Love them.

  39. M V


  40. Blaise Bullion

    This might be the best tiny desk show

  41. Tsering Lamo

    Jungkook has an amazing voice without any background song❤️

  42. brothersoulshine

    Utterly brilliantly amazingly amazing. I absolutely love this. I could listen to it all day.

  43. Corey Miller

    Beautiful and warm voice! She is bad!!

  44. srchernandez


  45. Yvette Moore

    Wow does he remind me of his dad. Such an awful shame 😢

  46. Nicole Mariee

    I’m convinced whoever disliked the video jus a hater...

  47. Jay Lee

    탁사장 보고 옴

  48. Delight-Angumijang Atud-Fomum


  49. Jennifer Obeng

    Oh wow. So beautifully talented.

  50. Christie O

    Thank You for coming back Jasmine. Keep adding to the soundtrack of my Life🎁💛

  51. Dru G.

    11:11 minutes in an I miss this cat even more! I think he was on another level and growing...

  52. Jazlyn

    Was I suppose to cry on every song?🥺😂

  53. 5k33k

    Does anyone possibly have the name of her accompanist? Thanks in advance!

  54. Agnieszka STanicka

    Amazing ❤️

  55. Joe Neminski

    i remember seeing these guys in Bonnaroo! they signed my cd and were a ton of fun

  56. Lucas Jardim

    They say at 13:48: "Tempo de amor", who knows? ~Maybe! ~No, "tempo de amor" is not possible bacause the tune is too low.. The tune is low and the mic won't capture. "Pai João", let's do "Pai João".

  57. Dru G.

    "And it is what it is 'til it aint"

  58. Kayleigh Elizabeth

    a refreshing, beautiful sound

  59. Vania N.

    Please show Jordan Mackampa!

  60. Jerome Jordan

    Yay Y'all!

  61. WonderLust

    Her voice takes my soul to another dimension every time I listen to her. I need to remind myself to listen to her any time I'm depressed so her voice can awaken my soul and bring up my spirits.

  62. David Fleischer

    If you chew your guitar you're not going to have anything to play with

  63. gustelas

    Thank You !! Greatings from Munich / Germany

  64. Jaki Dove

    Instantly, a new fan! Thank you 👏👏👏

  65. Raymond Lawson


  66. Lucas Alexander

    03:35 começa o samba 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  67. gustelas

    ..sehr liebenswert :) Super

  68. Shunterria Mcgill

    This is amazing!

  69. Ms Vee bee

    Such a New Orleans feels with all the musicians you run into

  70. Ms Vee bee

    This is making ❤️ love to my ears sound like 🙌🏽🥰 I can close my eyes or daydream and this takes you many places. Excellent work

  71. Leisha

    omgee I love this with all my heart!

  72. Sheila Boyd

    Loved this so much it really made my day.

  73. 5k33k

    This would be like if John Mulaney chose to do music instead of Comedy


    The best of the best



  76. Emerald

    Love you and so glad your amazing band is back on NPR! Perform in Chicago USA one day!! 🙏

  77. Shaneka 08

    Love this! 🔥🔥

  78. Berfin Orman

    mumu fresh <3

  79. Raymond Lawson


  80. Princess Anne Sabulao